Thursday, 19 January 2017


OK I'm going to moan a bit but it's essentially from a place of love but one that has physically and financially hurt me.

Every year I go down to London in January for the SWPP Convention, the biggest gathering of photographers in Europe. I travel by train and love that Hull Trains now has a direct service from Beverley to Kings Cross.

When I travelled down I was a bit miffed to realise my ticket meant a change in Hull. Not tooooo much of an issue but given the amount of kit I travelled with every change was a potential struggle and if no trollies were available........

The problems came on the return leg. Arrived at Kings Cross in good time and set up stall in view of the board. No trollies available but staggered there in expectation. After a while the dreaded TRAIN CANCELLED message came across my booked service. Lug the bags to the ticket office and reassured that my ticket will be valid on a later service and connections...........

Connections were my undoing. Get into Doncaster and have to get me and the gear from Platform 8 to Platform 0. Even the guard admitted it was a stretch given the time. The reality through dodgy signage and time pressure was bad. No trolleys, all staff diverted directing people elsewhere....My back was fucked. Get on train to Hull and have to change again there and by time I got home I was in a world of pain.

Been wrecked now for a couple of days and a huge distraction at a busy time of year.

If I'd got the service I bought would have been fine. Get on train at Beverley and get off in London with trolleys, then reverse.

People ask me where I drive everywhere on my jobs. This is the answer. I used the train and so far have been horizontal for three days with an injured back through them not supplying the service I booked.


Thursday, 5 January 2017

#TeamDenton are going to Norway

Last year we visited Norway and what a time we had. Matilda and I were treated like royalty and shot some incredible images. So on 20th May we're going back to Bergen. We've got five workshops followed by a residential long weekender in a lakeside retreat in the mountains above Bergen. Email me for details of the weekender or visit to book your workshop. Join Isla Rose, Emma Wilde and I for an unforgettable set of workshops in a truly amazing location.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Permajet - Brand Ambassador Role

Just before Christmas I travelled down to Stratford Upon Avon and was chuffed to bits to be appointed a Brand Ambassador to the PermaJet Company. I love printing images, seeing the results of our work rendered in ink and paper. I have long used the Permajet papers and using the continuous flow system on an Epson P600 has proved a perfect combination. Add in some favourite papers such as FB Distinction, Titanium and PhotoArt Silk and I'm on my way to Photo Heaven. If you're unsure of printing and want to ask any questions then come along and see me next week in London at The Societies of Photographers Convention and be happy to show you my printed portfolio and talk through your questions.

We may be in the digital age, but that's no reason not to print.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Swimming with #TeamDenton

In September we'll be heading back to Portugal. Last year we flirted with underwater shooting. This year we'll be really going for it. If you want to join us then visit the website to catch last of the Early Bird discounts.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 in Review

It's that time of year when we pour a glass, sit back and look back at the preceding twelve months in photo land. As always it's been a massive series of ups and downs, times of euphoria and times when we wondered what the hell we were doing it all for.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Travel Abroad with TeamDenton in 2017

Would you like to expand your geographic and photographic boundaries in 2017? Join with us and do just that. We're offering three opportunities so far.
In May we're going to Bergen in Norway. Spend four days in the mountains above the town working with two of our modelling team in a range of stylings. Three places remain so don't delay if you'd like to come along. Email me directly to secure a place.

In June we'll be joining with the World Photo Adventures team to spend a week in the Languedoc region of France. Visit their website for details

September sees us returning to Portugal for our now legendary Algarve Safari. It will be our biggest adventure yet as we're joined by teams from The Societies and The Flash Centre If you want a week of photo fun in the Algarve sun then this is for you. With bookings from all points of the UK and as far afield as the USA then this is going to be an incredibly creative and inspirational trip.
If you've any questions on any of the trips don't hesitate to get in touch. Hope you can join us, #TeamDenton, the team really going places in 2017 :)

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Happy Christmas

From all of us at #TeamDenton wishing you a Happy Christmas and a fantastic 2017. Hope you can join us at some stage but keep sharing the passion for photography. Love and Light x