Friday, 24 February 2017

Liverpool in March

On 8th March Isla and I will be in Liverpool for a full day workshop and evening presentation with our friends from the BIPP. Members and non members are all welcome

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Norway Selling Out

Great news for #TeamDenton that three of our six workshops in Norway this coming May are SOLD OUT and only 7 tickets remain for the other events. If you would like to join us then there are four places on our day long nudes workshop on 20th May, two for our introduction to nudes on 23 May and one place on our weekender 26th to 29th May. If you'd like to grab one of these last places visit for the workshops, or to secure the last place on the weekender.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Societies Convention and Emma

Emma volunteered to come to The Societies Convention to broaden her experience and understanding of the industry. She certainly achieved that. Worked with me, a range of international photographers and produced some outstanding images. This selection was shot in a boudoir styled lingerie and nude session using one of the rooms in the hotel using only available light.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Portugal 2017

Meet the #TeamDenton models you'll be working with if you join us in Portugal this coming September. Full details on the website

The Societies and Professional Imagemaker

Check out the next copy of Professional Imagemaker. Features lots of rather wonderful images taken by me of Matilda Jane at The Societies Convention. Join now to get a free copy

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Isla Rose and Fashion

Here's an Animoto show from a foggy day  in East Yorkshire with model Isla Rose

Thursday, 19 January 2017


OK I'm going to moan a bit but it's essentially from a place of love but one that has physically and financially hurt me.

Every year I go down to London in January for the SWPP Convention, the biggest gathering of photographers in Europe. I travel by train and love that Hull Trains now has a direct service from Beverley to Kings Cross.

When I travelled down I was a bit miffed to realise my ticket meant a change in Hull. Not tooooo much of an issue but given the amount of kit I travelled with every change was a potential struggle and if no trollies were available........

The problems came on the return leg. Arrived at Kings Cross in good time and set up stall in view of the board. No trollies available but staggered there in expectation. After a while the dreaded TRAIN CANCELLED message came across my booked service. Lug the bags to the ticket office and reassured that my ticket will be valid on a later service and connections...........

Connections were my undoing. Get into Doncaster and have to get me and the gear from Platform 8 to Platform 0. Even the guard admitted it was a stretch given the time. The reality through dodgy signage and time pressure was bad. No trolleys, all staff diverted directing people elsewhere....My back was fucked. Get on train to Hull and have to change again there and by time I got home I was in a world of pain.

Been wrecked now for a couple of days and a huge distraction at a busy time of year.

If I'd got the service I bought would have been fine. Get on train at Beverley and get off in London with trolleys, then reverse.

People ask me where I drive everywhere on my jobs. This is the answer. I used the train and so far have been horizontal for three days with an injured back through them not supplying the service I booked.


Thursday, 5 January 2017

#TeamDenton are going to Norway

Last year we visited Norway and what a time we had. Matilda and I were treated like royalty and shot some incredible images. So on 20th May we're going back to Bergen. We've got five workshops followed by a residential long weekender in a lakeside retreat in the mountains above Bergen. Email me for details of the weekender or visit to book your workshop. Join Isla Rose, Emma Wilde and I for an unforgettable set of workshops in a truly amazing location.